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Welcome to Gas Gas Motos UK website

We are the Official Gas Gas Trials and Enduro Importers to the UK since 1988.

Gas Gas are manufacturers of Market leading Offroad Trials and Enduro motorcycles.

The wait is over for Gas Gas lovers — the all-new EC and XC Racing two-stroke enduro bikes have arrived. Gas Gas have officially launched their new range of bikes unveiling the EC and XC 250 and 300 two strokes in Spain to the world’s press. Branding it the Phoenix Project, GasGas are rising from the flames with their latest offerings and by all accounts from our Enduro21 tester, the bikes are bang on the money too. “First impressions are good,” tells Jon Pearson from the Spanish launch. “We’ve been patiently waiting for what GasGas had in store and they’re right on point. “We just had the 300 two-stroke to ride and I can say everything feels and rides exactly as it should be. And for a new bike that’s hard to get right first time.” “The chassis is accurate in that you can hit your lines right and the power is linear. GasGas made a bike which matches expectations.” We’ll bring a more detailed test review in the coming weeks but here’s the technical look at what’s on the table for the EC and XC models. Gas Gas is proud to present the new Gas Gas EC/XC, its symbol of renewal. An enduro bike that joins together in one unique formula all the ingredients for maximum reliability, top specs, confidence, versatility, easy to ride and mechanically accessible. This is an innovative bike from its very conception, designed around a central backbone frame. A structural element in combination with new geometry and top quality suspension (Kayaba front and back), giving the new Gas Gas weapon lightness and sensitivity in riding. The new Gas Gas EC/XC has been conceived and designed for easy, quick mechanical accessibility, suitable for riders of all levels right across the broad spectrum in the world of enduro, both professional and amateur, thanks to its versatility, power and ease of riding. The new Gas Gas EC/XC has new geometry for a bike with a visibly lighter and narrower shape, only 105 kg, with a greater turn angle. The Gas Gas EC/XC 2018 range has a powerful new engine with a new thermodynamic. It is to be manufactured in two capacities (250/300cc), with electric start. It is going to be a delight for riders with even more performance than its two-stroke predecessors. The model components feature Kayaba suspension, Magura clutch cylinder, the FMF Powercore 2.1 silencer — manufactured exclusively for Gas Gas — Kehin PWK 38 carburettor, Excel wheels and Metzeler Six Days tyres, as well as the Nissan brake calipers and cylinders and the NG discs.


  • Kinematics
  • Central backbone frame, completely redesigned, less torsional stiffness and low weight
  • Aluminium sub-frame with new profiles, lighter and more resistant
  • Kayaba (KYB) 48 front fork, AOS (Air/Oil Separation) system
  • Kayaba (KYB) monoshock
  • Greater turn angle.
  • Fully redesigned aluminium alloy swingarm, optimized and lightened.
  • Optimised link with wishbone and rocker system, new progressive rear suspension.
  • Completely redesigned chain guide system and rollers .
  • Easier chain tensioner adjustment.
  • Rear axle designed for faster removal.
  • EXCEL rims with silver galvanized spokes.
  • Nissin rear brake and slave cylinder system.
  • MAGURA clutch cylinder.
  • NG brake discs.
  • Narrower petrol tank with a large 10L fuel capacity
  • Larger air filter housing volume.
  • Rapid filter removal system through the side cover number panel.
  • Inlet system (filter, spider assembly, canister and nozzle).
  • Narrower seat with lateral mounting covered with a larger foam base to improve comfort.
  • Lighter foot pegs with more grip and greater surface area.
  • Redesign of the whole body of the motorcycle, narrower, more aggressive and more comfortable.
  • Radiator grilles 
  • Fork protectors
  • Frame protectors
  • Electrical installation and distribution of its components (battery, CDI, starter relay, regulator and coil)
  • New multifunction speedometer display
  • LED rear light and headlight


  • Motor Gas Gas EC, new thermodynamic and higher performance
  • New crankshaft
  • Cylinder with new distribution 
  • Cylinder head with new strut 
  • FMF Powercore 2.1 exhaust silencer designed exclusively for Gas Gas
  • New cooling system
  • Improved clutch lubrication system
The sum of the details improves the result of the whole. Gas Gas presents the new TXT Racing E4 range. The brand’s emblem bike in the competitive world of trial has gained balance, traction and control thanks to the incorporation of new components and groundbreaking settings. Details which are not immediately obvious but show up in the handling.

The company from Girona has renewed its benchmark trial bike with the launch of the latest generation Gas Gas TXT Racing E4. The symbol of Gas Gas in the world of trial has adapted itself to today’s needs and the demands of the new Euro4 environmental regulations. It has undergone substantial internal improvements aimed at nothing less than total excellence in terms of stability, traction and control.

Simplicity of the elements, balance in the distribution of weights and precision in riding, perfection and success in such a demanding discipline as trial often depend on the sum and smooth operation of all the elements as a whole. Adjustments to details and small variations which, in the case of Gas Gas and the new generation TXT Racing E4, are committed to the redesign and update of its emblematic model to keep the bike at the top of the game in the world of trial.

The new Gas Gas TXT Racing E4 has had changes made on the inside, some of them impossible to see with the naked eye, although noticeable in handling and behaviour, which is now more effective and pleasant. In this way, concentrating on parts of the bike which are sometimes overlooked, the new Gas Gas has undergone a redistribution of mass. This change is aimed at increasing its stability even more to overcome the most extraordinary obstacles and to have an even tighter turning circle as needed in trial today, both indoor and outdoor.

The new Gas Gas models strike just the right balance between rigidity and flexibility with its steel and chrome-molybdenum tubular frame keeping it the lightest bike on the market. Its new weight distribution has produced a significant adjustment in the centre of gravity. An advance which when added to the highly evolved front end and the confidence in the Michelin tyres on all kinds of terrain bring about even greater stability in this latest incarnation of the Gas Gas TXT Racing E4.

Highlights reinforced by the R+D department of the Girona based company are focussed on pampering the adjustment system of the suspension system. This has been renovated in the front end with a new spring and new setting in the Tech forks. The rear suspension incorporates the quality and reliability of the Reiger 2V shock absorber, with a new setting.

Other changes bringing about greater stability to the whole of the new Gas Gas TXT Racing E4, thanks to the incorporation of a modified clutch hose, and clutch cover and spring, with exquisite feeling, so smooth and yet rugged and with better traction.

Manufactured with two-stroke engines in 125, 250, 280 and 300 CC, these new versions have a black cylinder head and stay in tune to performance with the Kehin carburettor and twin spark ignition system.

Features include:
  • New exhaust system with external adjustment to facilitate regime on the track.
  • Electric starter and a pedal.
  • Reed Valve V-Force 4.
  • Exhaust line improvement. FMF pipe.
  • Start relay position and battery box improvement. Simplified wire system and reduced weight. DC.
  • Hidria Ignition.
  • Regina chain
  • New foot pegs oversized with better grip.
  • Double force handlebar.
  • New grips with high feel.
  • Galfer Wave disc to ensure a powerful and accurate braking.
  • Brake Nissin set.
  • New reinforced Excel rims. New tyre holder for high durability.
  • Metzeler Six Days Extreme tyres.
Download Enduro Press Kit 2017 PDF
This is the one for the great lovers of the mountains and trial. The new Gas Gas Trial Contact* combines the function of its high performance characteristics with the quality of its components. It offers maximum rider comfort so you can have more fun than ever on your excursions and long off-road ridings with the removable sit and the 3.5 litre tank for a great autonomy. Presentación de PowerPoint Full specifications:
  • Engine: 2T single cylinder, liquid cooled
  • Engine size: 247,7 cc
  • Bore and stroke: 72,5 x 60mm
  • Transmission: Six speedy with GG 4/6 technology
  • Clutch: Hydraulic diarprham system GG 1/3
  • Carburator: Dell'Orto PHBL26BS - Reed valve induction
  • Fuel and capacity: 3.5l (gasoline mixed with 2T oil 50:1)
  • Dry weight: 69.5kg
  • Dimensions: 2.010 x 825 x 1.130
  • Seat height: 630mm

Download Trial Contract 2017 Press Kit
All the GAS GAS eKIDS models can be equipped with wireless controller, wich allows parent to remotely limit, configure or even switch off their children’s motorcycles from an Android or iOS app.

Presentación de PowerPoint T12 Features:
  • Tubular CrMo steel frame chassis
  • Hydraulic fork (wheel travel 100mm) front suspension
  • Hydraulic brake system 160 mm front & rear disk
  • 48V programmable top speed, power, throttle sensivity and regeneration
  • 600 W-1500 W / MAX. SPEED KM/H
  • Aluminium 12” x 1.60 Rims
  • Trial 2.50-12 tyres
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Max pilot weight: 40 kg
  • Charger: 54.6V 2A battery charger (4 hours)
  • Power train managment software included
Download eKids T12 Press Kit

Presentación de PowerPoint E12 Features:
  • Tubular CrMo steel frame chassis
  • Hydraulic fork (wheel travel 100mm) front suspension
  • DNM gas shock absorber, preload adjustament (wheel travel 215 mm) rear suspension
  • Hydraulic brake system 160 mm front & rear disk
  • 48V programmable top speed, power, throttle sensivity and regeneration
  • Power: 600 W-1500 W / Max. Speed km/h
  • 48V LiNiCoMn 8,8Ah with BMS integrated (Battery Management System) removable battery
  • Aluminium 12” x 1.60 rims
  • Mitas C19 2.50-12 TT 37M tyres
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Max pilot weight: 40 kg
  • 54.6V 2A battery charger (4 hours)
  • Power train managment software included
Download eKids E12 Press Kit