Another Win For The Gas Gas Rider, Cristóbal Guerrero

The Gas Gas rider Cristóbal Guerrero has brilliantly climbed onto the top step of the podium in the Junior class on the first day of the Enduro of Portugal, the second valid round of the World Enduro Championship, which took place today at Fátima-Ourém. Guerrero has added three consecutive wins already in the Junior class, after winning the two days of the Enduro de Guadalajara, the first round of the season, last week.

With a great public attendance, the Portuguese round was run on hard and fast ground and with totally favourable weather. All the riders of the manufacturer from Girona have completed the 60-km race the WEC race consisted of. “We have had ridden races and we are satisfied with the results we have obtained. Taking into account the Guadalajara results, I think we have started the championship in good line,” commented Pepe Pou, the GAS GAS enduro team manager.

Hélder Rodrigues, the only Portuguese rider who is presently entering the WEC and clearly a favourite to most of the fans who attended the event, achieved a remarkable seventh place in the E2 class at the commands of his 2-stroke GG EC 250, in spite of getting stuck and losing quite a lot of time in a quagmire during the moto-cross test. His team partner, Finland’s Miska Aaltonen, crossed the finish line right behind him in 8th, proving that he is totally adapted to the 4-stroke GG FSE 450. On his part, New Zealand’s Paul Whibley, a semi-works GAS GAS rider, finished in 11th, also on a 2-stroke GG EC 250.

In the E3 class, Sébastien Guillaume from France was 4th in the end after a tight fight for the top places against Zanni and Ahola, although he managed to squeeze into the second place for some minutes at the commands of his 2-stroke GG EC 300. With the same mount as the Frenchman, Thierry Klutz was seventh.

But the highlight would come again from the young Malaga rider Cristóbal Guerrero (GG EC 250-2strokes), the current Junior class leader, who climbed onto the top step of the class’s rostrum on the last lap to the Portuguese circuit, with a 4-second advantage over Stapleton, his closest rival, who came home in second. The young semi-works GAS GAS rider Oriol Mena had an excellent race, which allowed him to cross the finish line in fourth, in spite of a painful wrist after an unfortunate fall in Guadalajara.

The second day of the Enduro of Portugal will take place tomorrow. The participants will have to tackle the 60-km circuit three times again, with three tests per lap – an Extreme test, an Enduro test and a Motocross test. The first rider will start, like today, at 9:00 am. Final standings of the World Enduro Championship’s third round

1 – S. Aro (KTM) 1
2 – F. Planet (KTM)
3 – A. Botturi (KTM)
7 – H. Rodrigues (GAS GAS)
8 – M. Aaltonen (GAS GAS)
11 – P. Whibley (GAS GAS)

1 – D. Knight (KTM)
2 – A. Zanni (Honda)
3 – M. Ahola (Husqvarna)
4 – S. Guillaume (GAS GAS)
7 – T. Klutz (GAS GAS)

1 – C. Guerrero (GAS GAS)
2 – J. Stapleton (TM)
3 – D. Bolter (Husqvarna)
4 – O. Mena (GAS GAS)
7 – L. Kurowski (GAS GAS)

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