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If you are interested in purchasing a new (or used) Gas Gas motorcycle or quad please be aware of the following facts.

  • We are the official Gas Gas importers into the UK. We have been the official UK importers since Gas Gas began back in 1988.
  • All the dealers on this website are official GGUK dealers.
  • Be aware of parallel imports (grey imports) that are supplied through non official importers. Please check with ourselves if you are not sure about your supplying dealer. Whereas you may find a small initial saving in the purchase price please understand that you could be taking risks. You may encounter VAT, Warranty or specification issues.
  • You can be rest assured that all the official Gas Gas dealers are registered for VAT and an authentic VAT invoice will be issued with every genuine bike.
  • All the UK bikes are supplied with a 6 month warranty (subject to terms and conditions) that is supported by ourselves (Gas Gas Motos Ltd.) and the Gas Gas factory itself
  • We carry the largest stock of genuine Gas Gas spare parts in the world outside the factory itself to supply our dealer network with all the necessary spares. We also have the best knowledge and expertise in everything Gas Gas since 1988.

Please click here to view the bikes.

2017 TXT125 RACING – £5325.00 inc vat
2017 TXT250 RACING – £5450.00 inc vat
2017 TXT280 RACING – £5550.00 inc vat
2017 TXT125 RACING – £5600.00 inc vat

2017 TXT250 CONTACT – £4550.00 inc vat

2017 EC200 RACING – £6550.00 inc vat
2017 EC250 RACING – £6600.00 inc vat
2017 EC300 RACING – £6650.00 inc vat