DABILL wins first round 2009 BTC !

TEAM JST GAS GAS UK Rider JAMES DABILL has won the first round of the 2009 British Trials Championship.

After two months with his new GG PRO300 2 stroke... James Dabill has delivered!

The first round yesterday was a fantastic event in everyway....yes Dibs won but not only that, the actual event was a huge success.
In this negative 'doom and gloom' world at the moment it was nice to see a very 'positive' start to the 2009 BTC.
The venue and weather was superb. The sections were of perfect severity and length and the results were close in all classes. So firstly a big congrats to the Scarborough Club.
Also, the first round was interesting for many reasons...Dougie Lampkin was riding and many of the Top riders were on new bikes...DABILL, BROWN, MORRIS, WIGG etc. have all changed bikes for 2009 so there was alot to see.

The practice lap was on Saturday afternoon and Dibs looked good. Very focused and confident riding most sections before his rivals.
The start time he picked for the next day was not ideal, being the second Championship rider to start after George Morton, James knew that he would probably have to ride the sections in front of Lampkin and Brown to finish the first lap in the allowed 3 hours. This didnt bother James as his confidence was high.
The first section was sensibly a fairly easy opener which all the Champ class cleaned.
The second was very difficult with a very steep, short climb with zero run up over a log at the top. All the riders spent nearly ONE HOUR at this section and Dibs was under pressure to get a move on. He rode the section after Morton and failed on the climb, looping the bike out in a spectacular crash.....not ideal. This didnt affect James too much and he cleaned the next section with ease. He was awesome at section 5 with a mature one dab ride. He continued around the lap riding first putting pressure on Doug and Micheal. Dibs had another '5' when he was timed out on section 13 but blitzed the last section to finish the first lap on 15. He shared the lead with Browny, with Doug three marks behind on 18 lost.
The second lap went very well for James, only an error on section 5 where he failed on the relatively easy part of the section spolit his lap. After this '5' he simply went on a roll to finish the lap on 8. Dibs was 'in the zone' and looked awesome on the second lap and i was more than happy.
To be fair to Doug he was also on a roll on the last lap and after section five both Dibs and Doug were level. I think with Dibs not knowing this helped because he was riding out in front not knowing how Doug or Micheal were doing...
At the finish we all waited for Micheal and Doug to finish. Micheal came in with a lap of 12 and the first thing he did was to shake the hand of his good mate and rival Dabill. We then waited for Lampkin which unknown to us had to clean the last section to win. Doug 'fived' the last and therefore JAMES DABILL WAS THE WINNER ! Me happy ;-)

Shaun Morris was 'the best of the rest' in 4th, Wiggy 5th and Jack Challoner 6th (who looked impressive).
JST GAS GAS Teamsters Sam Haslam and Ross Danby were 7th and 8th respectively....
Craig Robinson (JSTGG) was 10th and was pumped to get up the big step on the last section which Doug 'fived'. Craig improved on the last lap and is certainly not out of his depth in the main class. I think we'll see Craig suprising a few people this year...

It is not yet known if Doug will compete in the entire series but nevertheless, i think every round will be this close. Dabil, Browny and Doug will be close all year which will make the 2009 BTC the most exciting Championship for quite a few years.

In the Expert 'A' Class Ian Ustermule won from Sam Connor with Gary Mac 3rd.
LEE SAMPSON (TRC GAS GAS) was the best GG rider with a superb last lap to recover well from a poor first lap. JST GG Rider Liam Walker was 6th and Thorpey (JSTGG) 8th.
Jonny Walker (ACE GAS GAS) was the best 125 in the Expert 'A' beating Ben Morphett and Jonathan Richardson.

In the Expert 'B' Class GAS GAS rider RICKY WIGGINS was the winner! Well done.

Thanks to Jack lee (Minder) and Factory Kev (Mechanic)

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