JSTGG at the Chris Carter S3 round..

The S3 parts / ACU National Clubman Trials Championship kicked off again at the weekend after rounds 3 and 4 were frustratingly cancelled because of the weather.

No weather problems with yesterdays superb Chris Carter organised by the Yeadon and Guisley club. The section severity was perfect for this Clubman Championship.

Best JSTGGUK rider was Sam Haslam who had a superb ride to finish second behind current British Champ and on a very on form James Dabill.

No.1 JSTGG rider Michael Brown didn’t do much wrong but nevertheless found himself on 10 marks and in 5th place overall. Michael had a five for a ‘stop’ on the tricky section 15 after hanging on after veering off line.

Next GG teamster was Dan Thorpe who had an average day in 11th overall after recovering from man flu.

I managed to win the 0/40 class which is the plan for my 25th SSDT.

James Stones was 14th in the S3 Class (20th overall)

Thanks to Y&G for a mega trial
Thanks to Yoomee for the pics of Sam and MB


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