Spare parts

We stock the most Gas Gas genuine spare parts than anywhere in the world except for the factory itself!!

We stock most spares for all GG models going back to 1988! We have spare parts deliveries every two weeks from the GAS GAS Factory to keep our warehouse stocked.

After sales service is most important to us and our staff are dedicated in supplying you with your spares quickly and efficiently.

Simply contact us on the following numbers or via email…
Please have as much information about your bike (year, model etc.) to help our staff with supplying you with the correct parts


  • Tel: (44) 01298 766813
  • Fax: (44) 01298 766816


Iif you’re not sure of the year and model of your Gas Gas, the frame number will identify your bike.

Click below for a very handy link to the GASGAS FACTORY website which shows all the manuals and exploded parts books for all models;